Is Your House On The Market, or Only Listed?

Is your house actually "on the market" or is it "only listed" on the MLS? Pricing your property too high can cause a lot of damage. Discover the dangers.

Is Your House On The Market, or Only Listed?

Posted by John Hardy - 2015-10-06 17:37:00


As a Seller, when you put your house on the market your opinion of what your home is worth is often very different than the Buyer’s.

It’s not too complicated but when the “verified market value” of your property is $XX,XXX less than your asking price, your house is just “Listed” and you aren’t going to attract any Buyer’s until the market catches up with your expectations—this could be months, in extreme cases, years.

Also, since recently coming out of a recession, if your home appraised at $XXX,XXX five years ago the market has probably not caught up. Sometimes this gap is enormous and any agent who tells you they can get that price for your property is probably doing you a huge disservice, as well as compromising their reputation.

To help our Clients on the Listing side we’ve come up with a simple Disclosure to help them understand the situation: Danger of Over-Pricing Disclosure.

Contact John now for a Competitive Market Analysis on your home!

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