Winning By a Letter

Discover how an offer letter can put your offer over-the-top, even if it's not the highest.

Winning By a Letter

Posted by John Hardy - 2018-01-09 23:44:00

If real estate heats up in the next few months like it did last year you may find yourself in a bidding war with other buyers to get your dream home after weeks of searching. Typically, when I sense it could be a nail-biter when an offer goes in I will advise my clients to write a letter to submit with their offer. All things being equal, I’ve coached some letters that they’ve written that have won them an accepted offer—even though they didn’t have the highest offer.

The things you want to include:

  • Why you love their home. Go ahead, spell it out and we can paint a picture of words to the seller as to why you should be the next owner. Look for similarities when you’re going through an open house or private showing. Do they have pets, kids, recently married, gourmet kitchen?

    You can tell a lot from a home if you pay attention. you may find that they have a dog and so do you or that their kids are grown and your kids will get to experience the house the same way they enjoyed it. You may notice a gourmet kitchen and if you like to cook you can include in the letter how much you love cooking and that you can picture yourself in the kitchen making your favorite dishes.

  • Flattery will get you everywhere. Everyone love a compliment, if you see something you like why not flatter the seller. Tell them how nicely the home is decorated or that after seeing the house you can’t wait to meet them in person. Thank them for the opportunity to make an offer and just make them feel good.

    The more you can relate to the sellers the better the position you will be in. Every home is different so when our chance comes up to write the letter we’ll coach you along the way.

    Buzz Lightyear trying to compliment Jessie @Pixar

  • Stay positive. Avoid things that could bring negative emotions to the table, now isn’t the time. For instance, don’t tell them you want the home because you’re going through a heated divorce. This could potentially make the sellers nervous as they wonder if their beautiful home could become a pawn in a acrimonious battle.

One thing you NEVER want to include in this letter are your plans to remodel. Sellers often have a strong emotional connection to their home and any hint of a remodel is sure to instantly kill any offer you bring, especially if you’re going to change any of the home’s aspects that are a particular favorite.

FINALLY. You should draft your letter on a computer using software that can check for spelling and grammatical errors. You don’t want the reader to get hung up on a paragraph they can’t understand because getting hung up in the middle of the letter could kill whatever flow you had intended. The best letters could land you your dream house, especially when it’s an easy read and connects. Once you’ve got it down, print out your final draft then write the letter by hand for the final personal touch!

I’ve worked in marketing for many years. When you connect with your audience it’s a much easier sale.


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