Everybody Feng Shui Tonight

Feng Shui promotes harmony by arranging your home to make its energy (chi) flow positively. The concept has caught on and is appealing to buyers.

Everybody Feng Shui Tonight

Posted by John Hardy - 2016-04-05 14:58:00

There’s been fascination with the mysticism of China ever since I can remember. I can still recall memories of my Dad’s favorite show, Kung Fu.

One of the more recent fascinations has been the philosophy of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui has thrived in the Chinese culture for thousands of years and has made its mark in the real estate world as well. Translated as “wind water,” Feng Shui promotes harmony in a home by arranging its chi (energy) to flow positively. This concept has caught on and sellers are using it to make their home more appealing to buyers.

For a friend of mine that was really into Feng Shui we picked a color palette for our own home that still feels good today. Whether or not there’s any truth to the mysticism remains to be seen. The idea you need to grasp is whether your home has aesthetics and if the rooms are ergonomic.

However, for those insistent on Feng Shui-ing, here are some tips. And, for those afraid they are not ready for this sort of challenge, we know professionals that can help.

Crouching Plants, Hidden Door

Make your front door welcoming. Energy enters your home through the front door so make your door stand out by painting it a color that contrasts, yet compliments, the exterior of your home. Put out some potted plants, sculptures, a new welcome mat and other warm items to give your house some curb appeal. Don’t over do it, though. Make a conscious decision on the plants and choose round or oval leaves instead of pointed leaves—the round edges flow and the sharp leaves can appear aggressive.

If you’ve made the door inviting enough to get a prospect in this is your chance to make your “first impression.” A buyer typically decides if the house is for them in :08 seconds. In most cases :08 seconds is not a lot of time but for others it can be a lifetime.


Once they get past the entrance they’ll see the way you’ve arranged the furniture. If they run into the back of the couch once they’re past the entry, you’re broken the flow of energy. Take a minute to improve your Chi by turning the sofa, or better yet, a “love” seat toward the entrance to make them feel welcome.

One rule, Feng Shui or not, get rid of the clutter. Clear out the kid’s toys, photos, pet dishes and other personal stuff.

Down the Hole

The next stop is the bathroom. This is the one room in the house where all the energy can escape. Sound superstitious? Maybe, but why risk it? Keep the bathroom door closed and tell your husband to put the seat down so your energy cannot escape.

Got some big furniture, give it some support. Big stuff like beds and the sectional couch need a wall behind them. Never put these pieces of furniture in front of a window, it blocks the flow.

Finally. Bring all the senses into play. Stimulate your homes energy with some sound. If you’ve read some of the books you’ll know that the front right corner is the “buyer’s” area of the home. Put a wind chime there to lure in your home’s next owner. If wind chimes aren’t your thing, there’s always this:


When everything else fails there’s always Saint Joseph. 

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