Does Your Listing Have Googlejuice!?

Googlejuice! Googlejuice! Googlejuice! What's Googlejuice? Our way of getting your property shown in more searches than other realtors can. It's showtime!

Does Your Listing Have Googlejuice!?

Posted by John Hardy - 2016-01-05 13:10:00

Why is this important to you?

Simple. It makes our efforts to market your Omaha properties even more fluid. Now, in addition to all of our networks and social media tools, we're able to communicate lightning-fast, directly to your smartdevice.

Why didn't we do it sooner?

We've been testing several platforms and finally found one that suits our needs, as well as being end-user-friendly—that's for you, and whoever is in the market to buy. If you've forgotten how deep our roots are in social media and marketing you can refresh your memory by re-reading, Expose Your Real Estate.

Googlejuice Googlejuice Googlejuice

Definition - What does Google Juice mean?

Google juice is a colloquial term for visibility and prominence from the Google search algorithm PageRank and associated traffic on a website. A site that has more "Google juice" shows up more prolifically on top page rankings.

Google juice should not be confused with Google Guice (pronounced the same), an open-source Google tool for Java.
Techopedia explains Google Juice

Developers and webmasters use all sorts of strategies to obtain Google juice. These include sophisticated SEO efforts, on-site affiliate marketing, back linking and content distribution. Now, experts are suggesting that the best ways to get Google juice are more profoundly linked to the content of the site and how it serves the readership. Webmasters and companies using websites for visibility are encouraged to pursue long-form content creation, build natural readership networks, and make a site more of a legitimate and credible source of thought leadership, rather than focusing on a lot of bells and whistles in order to get PageRank standings.

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It's Showtime!


* Google Juice as defined by Techopedia

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