What Are Words Worth?

Oct 30, 2017

In Real Estate Writing — Plenty.

Property descriptions can have a huge influence on how fast your property sells and at what price.


So, which of these two words packs more punch? If you picked beautiful, you are right. Studies prove that the word "beautiful" can reduce your on-the-market time by 15% and add 5% to your ultimate sale price, that's an additional $12,500 for a $250,000 home. However, the term "Charming," or similar words are ambiguous terms which appear to be real estate agent code for a property that doesn’t have many specific strong points worth mentioning. 


Descriptive words that are physical descriptions of the house work well. For example, even if you don’t like the word 'granite’, the term doesn’t give the impression that the house is in poor repair.

My job is to market your property as well as possible. The choice of words and how they are expressed is crucial because it can focus prospective buyers on the positive attributes of the property.

Combine the right words in the listing description with our professional photography and that will get prospective buyers, and their agents, in the car and on their way to see for themselves. When this happens we've hit both our targets and, more-than-likely, their agent has more than one buyer looking for a home just like yours and a chance for multiple offers.

Want to get the best price possible for your property?

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John Hardy of Team Hardy isn't your typical realtor. John's spent 25-years developing brands and marketing strategies in corporate America. He's lead contract negotiations, started mentoring programs and helped business start-ups, which eventually led him to real estate. Why is this important for you? Simple, this diverse background has enabled John to become an extraordinary realtor with the skills, ability, and experience that gives you the extra-advantage you need to market YOUR property. Get John's full-story here.

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