Stage a Perfect Sale

Staging done right can be the difference between closing a deal quickly, at great price, or sitting on the market for weeks. Staging gone wrong, well...

Stage a Perfect Sale

Posted by John Hardy - 2016-11-01 14:30:00

When staging is done right, it can be the difference between closing a deal quickly, at great price, or just sitting on the market for weeks. But, just because you’ve taken the time to stage your home, doesn’t mean that the staging helps highlight the home. After all, the only thing worse than not staging at all, is staging that’s done terribly wrong.

After you’ve “staged” your soon-to-be-listed property, take a look around and see if you notice any signs that your work isn’t quite done—or done right. Seeing some eyesores? Make these last-minute changes and we’ll get your home in front of some qualified buyers—FAST.


Needs More Fiber

The fundamentals of staging start with flow. If you want to really sell, make sure you open the way for buyers to fall in love with the home.

     • Don’t block their walk through the home. Remove big furniture and obstacles

     • Show off how great the flow through the home really is, open floor plans are a big bonus


Is That a Picasso?

Neutral art is a great way to give a home that “finished” feel. However, if your "art-hanging" eye is off, it can make your home feel like a complete mess. Avoid disaster and follow these smart-hanging tips:

     • Don’t suffocate the art, pictures on the same wall need a minimum of 3” between them

     • When hanging art near furniture, leave a minimum of 6” clearance

     • Hang art at eye-level (rule of thumb:leave 60” from the floor to the center of the piece)

     • Furnish before you hang, art should accent, not drive the design


A Bad Rug Habit

Like a bull in a china shop, a bad rug can be a disaster. While rugs can be a great staging tool, if you don’t use them correctly you end up with a big mess. Rugs can define space and make rooms appear larger or smaller, they can help soften a void, they can work in traditional or modern spaces. If you’re having trouble finding the right one for you check out these 12 ideas on Houzz


Your Focus Needs More Focus

Your home needs to be livable when you’re living in it, but placing your 72” television opposite your huge fireplace tends to be a mistake when you’re ready to sell. A common problem that effects too many stagings is lack of a focal point. While this may make the room temporarily less livable it will have a huge impact on showings and your listing photos. 


Rule of Threes

Repeating items is a great tactic for tying rooms together, just make sure you count odd when you do. If you’re using candles and other knick-knacks for tables and mantles, repeat them in a series of three or five for the best effect. Using the Rule of Threes in your own home design.



Maybe some of you have never heard of this game but the objective of Yahtzee! is to match as many dice as you can. Five 5s. Five 4s. Five 1s, etc. to fill out your score card and win. This works great for this game but has the opposite effect on a home you’re trying to sell. Too much of any one thing is a bad idea. This applies to accents, colors, fixtures and anything else you may have the urge of repeating. Remember, the best-staged homes create a unique experience in each room but do have a common thread so it doesn’t look like last night’s casserole. Make sure you get noticed by subtly changing colors, layout and accents but do try to stay within a color palette—and I’m not talking Garanimals™.


The Clone Wars

Identify your homes best features. Remember, Omaha has a lot of neighborhoods that were entirely built by the same builder or architect, referred to as “Cookie Cutter.” We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with the home itself, almost all of them are structurally sound and make living affordable. What it means, however, is that your ranch, split entry, 2-story or tri-level looks exactly like your neighbors ranch, split entry, 2-story or tri-level across the street except your siding is a different color.


Staging is about standing out.

Find a room to focus on that identifies the best features of the home, then design your staging around that. This will help ensure that every showing has some WOWZA that help move your home off the market quickly.

If you're ready to sell your property, give me a call at 402.639.8558 and we'll get your home listed, marketed and sold today!


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