Avoid Seller Mistakes

We’ve come back to the sale prices we haven’t seen since the recession but even with the positive momentum you don’t have the leisure of being lazy.

Avoid Seller Mistakes

Posted by John Hardy - 2016-09-06 13:50:00

Home prices are on-the-rise and it’s a Seller’s Market again. If our recent sales are an indicator, we’ve come back to the sale prices we haven’t seen since 2008. If that effected you when you sold your home while the market was down just remember that you got into a new property at an equally reduced price. Even with all the positive momentum you don’t have the leisure of being lazy when you’re ready to sell. So, if you want to sell at the high-end of the market you need to work with Team Hardy and avoid these costly mistakes.


The Ego-nator

Most Sellers have many memories attached to their homes. They can’t believe someone would make such a low offer on their “baby.” Often, it’s not that the Buyer was trying to offend you. In fact, the Buyer, if they’re working with a good agent, knows that the home is above fair market value but they love it and could not resist their urge to put in an offer. So, it’s their agent’s obligation, no matter how crazy, to present that offer to the Sellers. The Seller takes offense and comes back with a pie-in-the-sky counteroffer and everyone loses.

What Sellers Need to Know:

The plain simple truth of the matter, this is a business deal and there’s no room for egos. If an offer comes in too low, the mistake is not to make a counteroffer. Making a counteroffer keeps negotiations open and still gives you the best shot at selling your home at the best price the market will bear.

Keep your head in the game. Remember, your goal is to get your house sold for the best price and have a smooth closing with a qualified Buyer.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Ninety percent of home buyers start their search online. Nothing will kill a home sale like terrible listing photos. Sometimes sellers don’t understand the importance of fantastic pictures—and that means agents could resort to taking candid photos with their cell phone or on a day when the weather is not cooperating making your home appear in a bad light. However, the only thing worst than terrible photos are no photos at all.

What Sellers Need to Know:

Remember when you were looking for a home? Even if you were house-hunting when the internet wasn’t a big thing, you probably remember that actually seeing a home told you more about it than any fanciful copy ever could.

Even in a sellers market, great photos will draw in the best buyers—the ones willing to make that big offer—if it’s otherwise marketed properly.



Ever since real estate has been an industry, the “Oh, our house looks fine, the Buyers will see right past all our boxes, beer bottle collections, crowded counter-tops and knick-knacks.”

Big mistake.

They won’t.

What Sellers Need to Know:

Bad idea. Believe me, I’ve seen homes come on the market that could have sold very quickly if the Sellers had spent just one weekend un-personalizing and storing all their “extras.”

Clutter makes your home seem smaller, which kills your equity and ultimately, kills a potential offer.

Take inventory of ALL your possessions and think to yourself, should I:

Save it?

Store it?

Sell it?


Scrap it?

It may seem like a lot of work but one weekend of cleaning could mean thousands of dollars to your net proceeds.


The FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

When the market’s hot, a lot of Sellers think selling their home without an agent is easy. I mean, who wouldn’t want to save on paying an agent’s commission? Despite the lure of not having to pay a commission—Sellers need the expertise and know-how of a professional who can help navigate the stacks of paperwork, provide priceless neighborhood knowledge—and negotiate on their behalf.

What Sellers Need to Know:

Numbers don’t lie. The average FSBO home sold for $174,900, compared to $215,000 for agent-assisted home sales—a 22% difference, which more than makes up for any agent’s commission. There’s more to selling your home than you may realize. Let me walk you through my marketing strategy and explain the services you’ll receive. (Source: Realtor Field Guide to Real Estate Statistics)  


Home Pride


This is the most common mistake I see and always becomes more prevalent whenever the market seems to heat up.

What Sellers Need to Know:

YES! The market is hot right now but it’s not hot enough that you can overcompensate by listing at a price that’s way higher than the market will bear. Sure, I’m good at my job but overpricing your home is dangerous.

Download Team Hardy's 
Overpricing Disclosure


You can easily get “burned,” even in a HOT market.

You run the risk of your home sitting on the market for months. So long, in fact, that it becomes the stale listing that Buyers start to shy away from, thinking that there are problems with the house.

Know the competition. Set the right price, don’t price too high hoping that some sucker will come along and agree to pay your asking price. It won’t happen.

There are lenders out there that assess the value of the house and unless you can back-up your asking price with ALL the latest do-dads, widgets and remodeling, your house won’t appraise for the Buyers loan and the deal will fall through—putting you back on the market.

Let me walk you through my marketing strategy. Only then will you get the highest price the market will bear.


Defective Merchandise

Agents tell sellers this everyday; “You’ll lose money if you don’t take care of obvious repairs before the house goes on the market.” Showing a house with leaky faucets, cracks in the walls, water stains on the drywall, or a broken water heater, to name a few, are all ways to turn off prospective Buyers.

What Sellers Need to Know:

Paying out for repairs may seem like an extravagant expense—especially if you think the repair won’t add value to your home. However, when you consider that Buyers ALWAYS overestimate the cost of a repair, they are ALWAYS going to try and get what they think the repair will cost out of your pocket in the form of a credits or discounted price that will end up costing you more than if you fixed it in the first place.


Right in the Lumberyard

Almost everyone knows that curb appeal helps sell homes, however, many Sellers forget about their own backyard. In the summer and fall, attention turns to the great outdoors, where Buyers dream of pleasant evenings and outdoor entertaining.

What Sellers Need to Know:

If you don’t capitalize on your backyard, you’re missing out on a huge component of the overall appeal of your home’s living space. The backyard patio isn’t just a storage lot for old bikes, wheelbarrows and broken furniture you should have been thrown out the last time you moved. In a prospective Buyer’s eyes, it could be the most important ‘room’ of your home.

Stage your backyard as beautifully as the interior of your home, landscaping there should take the same priority as your curb-appealed front yard.

Ready to get your home listed, marketed and sold today? Call or text John now at 402.639.8558 and we’ll get started.

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